Resources & Energy


Identifying, evaluating, and managing financial risk in the Mining and Oil & Gas sector requires specialist expertise. For instance, extensive knowledge and competency under VALMIN, CIMVAL or SAMVAL is required for the valuation of mineral assets. Moreover, the mining and energy sector is one of the most regulated sectors globally, with constant oversight and monitoring by government agencies. This makes compliance issues one of the top priorities for risk management in the industry. Thus, seeking professional advice and implementing proper compliance procedures in accordance to national and international regulations such as FCPA is a must.


How we can assist

An important element to help mitigate risk in the industry is the use of experts in the field. At Censere, our Resources & Energy group combines our functional capabilities with considerable industry experience to deliver expert opinion to clients. We partner with leading mining and resource engineering firms to provide complete solutions to investors, operators and debt capital providers. We have in house experts who are qualified to provide valuation reports for IPO purposes in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are experienced in assisting you to identify the core value. Our services include:



  • Purchase price allocation
  • Risk analysis
  • Mining valuation report
  • Litigation support
  • Impairment testing
  • Market Analysis and Research


Censere can also provide services to handle your financial reporting requirements for Business Combination (IFRS and US GAAP).