Alternative Asset


Globalization is providing alternative asset mangers with increased opportunities and challenges. With this asset class often spanning cross multiple jurisdictions there is an increased emphasis on good corporate governance and an independent overview. Whether you are an alternative asset manager, private equity firm, hedge fund, limited partner or corporate, you will need objective advice.


How we can assist

Censere provides specialized tailored services for clients who require valuation for their alternative assets. As there are no ‘active market’ prices for alternative assets, Censere can assist in providing independent valuation opinion, whether it is for corporate governance purposes, financial reporting or strategic decision making. We ensure all our reports meet the highest standards for our clients, and adhere to best reporting standards. These include International Private Equity Valuations (“IPEV”) guidelines and Private Equity Industry Group Guidelines (“PEIGG”). Our alternative assets valuations are also performed in accordance with the relevant accounting standards covering Fair Value measurement and Financial Instruments recognition and measurement concepts.  



  • Portfolio Valuation /Review
  • Strategic Due Diligence
  • Integrity Risk Advisory
  • Market Research