Censere's Cultural Creed

The following is a set of guiding principles that everyone at Censere is expected to subscribe to and promote. None are optional.

  1. We are a client focused company. We will keep our promises to clients or die trying. Therefore, make sure that whatever we promise has a high probability of being achieved. Don't over-promise, over-deliver.
  2. We will not penalise people for making honest mistakes, however, we will penalise people for hiding them.
  3. We treat everyone we deal with – both inside and outside the company- with the same respect we expect for ourselves.
  4. We do not tolerate politicians, autocrats or dictators.
  5. Business development activities should contribute to the health and well-being of the company. The way we market ourselves must be consistent with our corporate values and goals.
  6. Project execution should also contribute to the health and well-being of the company. The way we perform while completing a project and the quality of our end product is how our clients will judge us.
  7. Business development owns who we do business with and on what terms. Project execution owns how the work is performed and the final results. These two phrases are not conflicting – one function cannot exist without the other.
  8. Have fun and help to create an enjoyable working environment for others.
  9. If some issues seem unable to be solved, it is ok to disagree and then refer it to senior management. This should be done with a sense of urgency as time is always of the essence.
  10. If you are overworking #9, senior management will help determine the barriers to your success.