Real Estate


Real Estate is incorporated in all companies and corporations, across a wide array of sectors and should be a key consideration in every business. Markets across the world are constantly changing and it’s important to understand and assess these changes, whether real estate is your core business such as a developer or REIT or a necessity in your business requirements. It is important to work with a Company who can provide accurate and expert opinion in an ever changing market, across a variety of sectors that include office, industrial, retail and residential, along with other specialty markets such as hospitality, data centers and transport facilities.


How we can assist

Proper independent valuation requires a combination of strong analytical skills, extensive industry knowledge and access to up-to-date market trends. At Censere, our Real Estate team combines valuation, due diligence, research capabilities and expertise to work with a range of corporations in an array of situations. Whether valuation is for refinancing, financial reporting, portfolio management, insurance, immigration or feasibility studies, Censere will ensure best standards are adhered to. 



  • Valuation and Appraisal
  • Market Research
  • Valuation for Project Monitoring
  • Valuation for Feasibility Studies


Valuation Specialties 

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • REIT
  • Data Centre
  • Transport Hubs (eg. Airport, Ferry Terminal)
  • Hotels
  • Leisure (eg. Cinema, Golf Course, Theme Park)