Infrastructure investment and development is one of the top items for most governments around the world.  While developing countries are facing challenges in urbanization; developed countries need to expand or replace existing infrastructure due to aging or under-investment. Moreover, as a result of the recent financial crisis, most countries have implemented aggressive fiscal policies to support sustainable economic development. These fiscal policies tend to target infrastructure opportunists and drive public and private infrastructure collaboration. 

In order to meet the growing demand for water, transportation, and power, entities (both public and private) need to deal with great challenges caused by the significance size of projects, scope and financing cost. Given the complexity of these capital intensive projects, professional experience and skills are often required in order to measure them accurately and correctly. This may involve valuing the opportunity and/or risk of the project or assessing the value of a range of infrastructure investment options. For more than a decade Censure has been conducting valuation & operational due diligence on: 

Power Generators
Distribution Networks
Telecommunication & IT Network


How we can assist

Censere’s Infrastructure team is composed of professional experts across our multiple offices, who have years of experience and strong track records in serving and supporting our clients in all sectors across the infrastructure cycle.



  • Tangible and intangible asset valuation
  • Integrity Due Diligence
  • Market & Industry Research