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Business Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

Intellectual Property Commercialisation

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, we assist our clients to:

Valuation of Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property

Value trademarks, patents, licenses and other IP for a variety of purposes such as sale and purchase, IP financing and IP portfolio management.

Royalty Rate Determination Studies

Determine appropriate royalty rates for licensing of IP based on market studies and licensee benefit analysis. This enables both parties to the license agreement to equitably share the benefits generated by the IP.

Industry analysis

Key to managing any asset is understanding the industry in which it operates. Censere's research team provide industry snapshots and detailed industry studies depending on client needs.

Value Extraction Strategies

Extract value by leveraging intellectual capital in acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures as well as develop effective strategies for strategic alliance through IPR licensing.

Intellectual Capital Portfolio Analysis

Develop a clear vision through review and analysis of the intellectual capital portfolio and align these valuable assets to the company's business units and strategies so as to enhance shareholder value.

ScopeIP Audit

Using the SCopeIP framework by IPOS we can make an initial assessment of your IP readiness and from this chart a course for future enhancements.