Intangibles Valuation & Advisory

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, we assist our clients to:

Valuation of Intangible Assets/Intellectual Property

Value trademarks, patents, licenses and other intellectual property for a variety of purposes such as mergers and acquisitions, strategic management as well as accounting and litigation support

Intellectual Capital Appraisals/Reporting

Assess the strength of their IC, identify the effectiveness of corporate knowledge management programs and identify future risks. In addition we assist clients to communicate these measures to stakeholders in a clear and verifiable manner.

Value Extraction Strategies

Extract value by leveraging intellectual capital in acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures as well as develop effective strategies for strategic alliance through IPR licensing

Intellectual Property Portfolio Analysis

Develop a clear vision through review and analysis of the intellectual property portfolio and align these valuable assets to the company's business units and strategies so as to enhance shareholder value

License Rate Determination Studies

Develop market driven license rates which address the unique benefits and advantages of your IP and balance these against the risks borne by both the licensor and licensee.