Censere's research team assists our clients to:

Industry Sector Studies

Gain insights into industry sectors and markets for the purposes of market entry, forecasting and risk management. Typically, this is done as part of a broader engagement together with other services, but is also available on a standalone basis.

Industry Monitoring/Commercial Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse with regular market broadcasts. Choose a market sector, choose a frequency and we'll design a broadcast to suit your purposes.

Benchmarking Studies

Identify key competitive measures and players in the marketplace and compare/contrast our clients against measurable performance criteria.

Combined with other Services

The value of our research capability is best demonstrated in combination with other skills and services offered by Censere. It is the synergies between our service offering which makes Censere unique. There are research companies, there are valuation companies - some even cover most of the areas that Censere does - and there are IP specialists. However, we are not aware of another firm with the Regional footprint and range of services that we offer at Censere.