Censere's Forensics team assists clients in the following areas:


Censere combine the skills of forensic accounting, financial investigation, interviewing, security advisory, research, valuation, industry expertise, business intelligence, data analytics and computer forensics to conduct specialist investigations into:

•  fraud and abuse

•  whistleblowing allegations

•  accounts misstatement

•  asset misappropriation

•  intellectual property rights infringements

•  bribery and corruption (US FCPA and UK Bribery Act)

•  embezzlement

•  security risk

•  related party transactions

•  conflicts of interest

•  regulatory compliance

Our forensic accountants and investigators have many years of experience planning and executing investigations and other forensic engagements across a vast array of industries and geographical locations. We are Asia focused, responsive, independent, and used to working closely with our clients’ senior management, internal audit, risk management, investigation and security teams, legal advisors, industry regulators, and law enforcement bodies. We execute our work confidentially, professionally and always maintain a strict eye to the ongoing business operations of our client, their values and their culture.

Integrity Risk Advisory:

Recent corporate scandals, new anti-fraud laws and regulations, stricter enforcement of cross border anti-bribery legislation (e.g. US FCPA and UK Bribery Act), anti-corruption campaigns, such as those instigated recently by the Chinese Government, and demands by stakeholders and the public for greater business transparency, integrity and ethics have placed pressure on corporations and business leaders to put in place robust and effective fraud risk management programs that prevent, detect and respond to fraud and other integrity risks.

We help our clients develop, implement and evaluate:  

•  fraud risk management programs

•  ethics and responsible business practices

•  integrity due diligence

•  fraud health checks

•  industry, country and process-specific fraud and integrity risk assessments

•  whistleblowing hotlines and ethical reporting mechanisms and response

•  security risk assessment and advisory

•  training and communication

•  internal anti-fraud controls, policy and procedures


Censere have wide-ranging experience and expertise helping corporations, legal advisors, government authorities, and regulatory bodies manage and resolve complex financial and cross border disputes. We provide data analysis, valuations, expert reports and provide expert witness testimony for litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution mechanisms. We have particular expertise across the following industries and situations:

•  mining

•  oil and gas

•  biological assets

•  healthcare

•  natural resources and forestry

•  financial instruments and derivatives

•  securities

•  insurance claims

•  technical and commercial due diligence

•  intellectual property