Due Diligence

Looking beyond the numbers...


By combining the skills of our industry consultants, investigators, research analysts, financial analysts, engineers and surveyors, Censere provides a range of due diligence services to assist both buyers and sellers in a transaction.

Commercial & Operational DD

Censere brings together experts in industry, research, operations and intellectual capital to provide a holistic and detailed view of the target business. Aspects such as regulatory framework, competitor analysis, supply chain structure, internal capabilities, brand positioning and use and management of intellectual property are routinely assessed, along with general business and industry trends and issues.

Technical DD

Censere's engineers, surveyors and industry consultants undertake comprehensive reviews of the manufacturing or technical assets owned and operated by the target business. Technical DD combines fitness-for-purpose studies, capex and opex reviews, maintenance studies, project monitoring and/or evaluation. This helps ensure that the financial forecasts are based on supportable operational assumptions.

Integrity DD

Fraud, corruption, intellectual property rights infringements, regulatory and corporate compliance violations, misappropriation of assets, FCPA violations, related party transactions, conflicts of interest, unresolved disputes and hidden relationships are just some of the problems companies inherit when they enter into deals without conducting proper due diligence and thorough background inquiries on their prospective business partners. Censere use sophisticated research tools, local knowledge, trusted networks of industry professionals, and our extensive experience and understanding of the risks of doing business in Asia to assist you in obtaining the specific, relevant and timely information into the business reality and backgrounds of potential business partners and third parties, allowing informed decisions to be made and risks to be managed.

Intangibles DD

Censere's IP team regularly undertake due diligence relating to intangibles. Such DD may be limited to a review of registered IP and existing licensing agreements or can extend to comprehensive intellectual capital assessments to identify relative strengths, weaknesses and or threats to a company's competitive advantages.

Let us design a program to suit your specific needs...

Our DD services are tailored to the specific circumstances of each transaction and the parties involved, e.g. a strategic investor would already have detailed industry knowledge and may not need assistance in this area, while a financial investor may need more help in understanding the risks involved and the key aspects to focus on.